My Soul Has caught Up…….

20180707_1208289023471542169929434.jpgIts  the beginning of March, we still have snow on the ground and its still cool- well cold for us- still to cold to sit outside with my tea.

Just under seven months ago I got back from My Epic Irish Odyssey, and,  Ireland is still speaking to me, especially in my dreams. A couple  weeks ago,  for  three nights in a row  I dreamt I was back in Ireland, walking the roads, touching the walls,  listening to the stones. I was back on Inishmore, Cape Clear and Ratlin islands. I was walking and placing my hand on 5000 year old carvings in the Caven Burren and standing on the Dingle Peninsula. It was a quiet dream, I did not see of talk to anyone, it was just me and the land. Versions of this dream visited me for three nights in a row and I thought…”hummm, thats interesting”

I went about my days but the visions and power of the dreams, kept floating through my mind and speaking to me.  It was not loud, more like whispers that I would get now and then, and only bits and pieces of these, never a full cognitive narrative. Some  moments I thought I had a grasp on it, but like the wispy early morning mist of September, touched by  sunlight, it vanished.

This went on for a few days and then one morning I woke up and realized Eire, had dropped another treasure in my lap. As on  Cape Clear, one morning while I was there, I woke up and a shift had happened. And, as on that morning in Cape Clear, I felt more solid, more aligned, and stronger and more confident then ever. This happened again a couple weeks  ago, I woke up, a shift had happened and I thought….”OK, now is the time to take my  advocacy  work to  the next level, its time I started doing workshops, speaking at conferences etc.”

How I go about doing this- I have no idea, and I know it is going to be a steep learning curve, and I will come head to head with frustration along the way. I also know this is not going to happen overnight, it will take time, and it will take a lot of work and sweat and tears, but I can make it happen.

But, I also know that I can do this!! I have many important messages,and have already been advocating and public speaking on mental health for 14 years now. I have the unique perspective of lived experience that can help others understand what its like to live with a mental illness, and how trauma affects a person, their family and friends.  This can help folks who work with this population, teachers, doctors, our youth, folks who live with a mental illness etc.  But no body is going to know about it, if I don’t get the word out there.  I am planning on getting a web site made where folks can find everything I do, what I have written etc all on one page. I’m trying out work out a speakers fee, upgrade my resume etc.

I had known before that I could do this, but there was always that doubt in the back of my mind because “I don’t have a degree” a job etc. But this time the feeling is is different…its like all I learned and the strength I gained on my Epic Irish Odyssey, has now caught up with me, and its time. I am Solid, I can do this, and I can, and have made a difference. I I plan on continuing!!

Who would have known my Epic Irish odyssey would lead to this 🙂 Thanks for joining me and stay tuned to see where this goes. Wouldn’t it be amazing if i actually got a talking gig in Ireland- just letting the universe know 🙂


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