My Soul is Whispering…

Dreams are whispers of your soulIn 14 days, I will be flying over the Atlantic ocean on my way to Ireland. Needless to say Ireland has been on my mind!

A couple nights ago I dreamt that I was in a small town in Ireland. I was at a small house, with a guide and we walked though the house and out back onto a somewhat large flat rock, that curved down over the edges, it was about 10 feet by 6 feet. The guide told me to look at the rock, I did so, and didn’t see anything but rock. He then poured a bucket of water on the rock, and that was when the imprints of foot marks showed up on the rock.

As I gazed at them the guide said …” This is where your ancestors stepped, this is where they walked” I remember a feeling of peace coming over me and I thought to myself “”This is home.”

It’s going to be an interesting journey back to a place I have never been. Come join me as my Soul whispers and discovers.




11 thoughts on “My Soul is Whispering…

  1. I have amazing dreams and start most days coming from interesting places as I surface from sleep, sometimes reluctantly as I want to stay in that place.

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