Believe in Your Dreams…..

It has been a very busy few weeks here, for many reasons, some of  which I will reveal in the next blog. But, needless to say I have had circumstances that have got me thinking about how far I have come, and reason to celebrate. I have also had moments when life has reminded me what really matters, and to thank my blessings, no matter how “small ” others may feel they are.

And then, there has been a pleasant, unexpected  surprise. Folks have been giving me money to put towards my Epic Irish Odyssey- this has been totally unexpected, and never asked for. This has resonated with me on at least 2 levels. On one level, it shows me once again, especially in these troubling times, that the world can be a pretty amazing place, and people are kind. On another level it shows me to believe in my dreams, and if I believe in my dreams, others will also and support it in whatever way they can. This really surprised me, and still does.

As I said, my budget for this trip is like the “Peanut butter and Jam” budget, but now There will be a few days where there will be cheese sandwich’s also- and I am so very grateful for this. These folks, as well as many others will be mentioned in my book I write about this trip…maybe they will be in the chapter titled ” The Cheese”

Stay tuned as this journey unfolds 🙂


7 thoughts on “Believe in Your Dreams…..

  1. We’re so happy you are living this dream Suzy!!! So great to hear you’ll have some cheese sandwiches too, and not surprising that a wonderful person like you has such kindnesses from great friends! xo Loving your posts 🙂


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