Web page, and I’m going Outward Bound….




Well, its been a few months and life as we know it, some things have gone well, other things not as I planed, and even other things have been totally unexpected and out of the blue.

And, of course, Ireland has still be speaking to me along the way.

I now have a web page up and running, where all my blogs etc can be found by clicking on the one page- you can find the blogs under the “other adventures” menu on the top right of the page. It also tells you a bit about myself, what I do etc, and it, like me is a work in progress. You can find it here https://www.suzannevenuta.com/ I will be adding testimonials etc along the way.

I also now have a writing coach, her name is Sylvia Taylor, http://sylviataylor.ca/ she has been grand at helping me organize my work, get me organized etc. It’s love;y to have an outside view and someone to help me with all of this.

This time last year I had been home for a few weeks from my Epic Irish odyssey, and I was processing. I also figured that would be it for my international traveling for at least 5 years. I hoped to save up enough money by then to go back to Ireland.

I was wrong. In just over 3 weeks, I will once again be on route to another adventure. While it is not Ireland, it is international and it is in Europe, and it also came out of left field.

As some of you may know I have been informally involved on and off with Outward Bound Canada since 2005, when I took my first Outward Bound Canada course. It was one of their charitable programs, the Women of Courage program. This program is for women who have experienced violence or trauma at some point in their life. This was a life changing program and a game changer for me. I sent a week, with 10 other women paddling in Algonquian Park, in Ontario. It was magical, hard, amazing, a struggle and great growth happened. I came home a much more confident, stronger person, more at peace with myself and it was after this course that I started my mental health advocacy work.

I have been informally involved with Outward Bound on and off since then, speaking at some events, taking more courses, being invited as part of an alumni group for input on a new program etc.  And in just over 3 weeks I will once again be involved with them…in Europe.

I have been invited as part of a Canadian contingent to do a 170 km trek , the Tour Du Mont Blanc,-( Two months ago I didn’t even know this place existed)-  I will be trekking in France, Italy and Switzerland  to help raise funds for the five charitable programs Outward Bound Canada  has. They are

Women of Courage                                                                                                                                Indigenous Youth                                                                                                                                  Indigenous Adults                                                                                                                                  Undeserved Youth/ Youth at Risk                                                                                                    Canadian Military Veterans

I have benefited  from  the Women of Courage programs, and know the life changing and life saving benefits of these programs. I also know that once the course is finished the huge benefits go home with the participants.  So I wanted to do what I could to help an organization that has been a huge benefit to me.

I’m still pinching myself, as I will be flying to Geneva in just over 3 weeks. I do however know that all that I learned, and all the people I met  while on my Epic Irish Odyssey will travel with me. In fact, I had a dream about Ireland last night, so Eire is still teaching me lessons and telling me stories.

So this is an invite to come on over to my web page, and read my ongoing blog about preparing for this trip, physically and psychology, and learn how this trip all came about. https://www.suzannevenuta.com/

Thanks again for once again joining me on this journey, yep, adventures are best shared with friends


PS- yes, Turtle will be traveling with me 🙂








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