Musings on My Epic Irish Odyssey…the many hands that helped.

This time tommorow I will be on my way home. It’s hard to believe that my time in Ireland is almost over. It has been an amazing 10 weeks with highs and lows, challenges and break throughs and lots of growth.

I am sitting here in, in a suburb of Dublin, in the kitchen with my tea. It is cloudy,raining and kind of blah out. This reminds me on how fortunate I have been with the weather, especially when I was taking public transit as many places did not have bus shelters.

I have been fortunate with the people I have met, and felt welcomed by all the places I stayed, and Sherry and I stayed…well..all but one but more on that later.

I didnt know what I expected, but followed my guts. When people asked me why I wanted to come all I could tell them was that there was this pull all my life to go. Now when people ask me why I went, or what I discovered I can tell them I found a piece of myself, put many old ghosts to rest and met my ansestors even if they are not physically here.

I have many great memories and been to many special places that have spoken to my soul. These places have spoken to me on such deep levels and been a huge part of my healing.

It will be interesting to see how this growth unfolds once I get home.

Once again this has not been a solo journey. Everyone who helped me get to the point in my life where I could take this trip- family, friends, professionals. The smiling front line staff when I walk into my doctor’s office, especially during the tough times when I was seeing him every day, always welcomed with a smile. Friends and family who made tea for me and quietly sat beside me. They have all helped me get to the point where I could take this trip.

I have met some amazing folks on this trip and they have all helped me discover a bit more about myself and this has been one if the many treasures I will be taking back home with me.

I will continue to write this blog for awhile when I get home, – and thankful on my laptop instead of my phone – and have been thinking I should turn it into a book. We will see what happens…but my guts tell me it is a good time to do that.

Thank you to all who have helped me get here, those that helped feed my body and soul while I was here. There have been many hands that helped in my past and present, and will do in my future. I hope I have honored all of you. Thank you all of you for coming along this Epic Irish Odyssey with me…please stay tuned to see how this journey unfolds once I get home….

5 thoughts on “Musings on My Epic Irish Odyssey…the many hands that helped.

  1. I’ve followed your posts eagerly and with anticipation Suzy but haven’t been able to comment until now as we were travelling. Your journey has been so wonderful on all levels and your bravery, determination and acceptance are amazing. Sharing this experience with others through a book would be a great gift. See you soon!

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  2. That picture Suzy, wow! So many helping hands and love in your life! Your amazing journey has indeed been an epic odyssey, I’ve enjoyed following your growth, enlightenment, tears and joy. Thank you for sharing! Wishing you a beautiful safe journey home. I know I will bump into you for tea. Take care my friend xo

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