Transformation and a Shift on the Cape……

20180621_221113.jpgFour days ago I left Cape Clear Island a different person.

Did I tell you I love that place and the people I met there ? It was a magical, amazing and very insightful week.

When I started planning this trip, I told folks I wanted to do a solo trip for 5-7 weeks. I don’t know where that number came from, but my intuition told me that was the time I needed. I couldn’t explain it, I was more of a feeling then anything else. But my guts told me that’s what I needed to do. Am I ever glad I listened to my guts.

As you know, this trip has not been the typical tourist trip around Ireland As my solo section is of this journey is coming to an end, I knew my past and present would be bumping heads. It has not always been a good time, and some times have been really hard. But I have come through  much stronger and wiser for it.

I was spot on when I said 5-7 weeks on my own.

On Wednesday morning, while on Cape Clear Island, I woke and it felt like a shift had happened. For those of you who know me, you know that when I do my work, come out the other side I often speak about feeling like a shift has happened. I felt that when I woke that morning.

I feel lighter somehow, stronger, more then I ever have in my life, but there is more depth to my wholeness. There is a now a richness and texture in a place I didn’t know existed.

Being here, in this land, meeting the folks have, having the experiences I have have, have all added up. This  has  fed and nourished my soul in ways I could never imagine. And the week on Cape Clear was just what the Dr ordered. Actually, my Dr was one of the 2 people that told me I needed to go there.

I have written on the past blogs about the “Felt Sense” of Ireland. How I have felt this throughout the land and Cape Clear is no different. In fact, on the Caple Clear Island it was stronger and very special. There is something about that place, I cant put my finger on it, but its there if one sits long enough and is quiet enough, you can feel it.

One day I had walked to and found the neolithic standing stones, known as the marriage Stones. I emailed someone and told them of the feeling of power I felt at the site, and they replied “There is something powerful about those ancient sites. Its restorative.”

Restorative is an understatement. Its like everything I experienced on this trip, all I learned about myself and everything this land has given me, all came together on Cape Clear. I have found another part of myself and it feels like the long lost puzzle piece has been found and securely dropped into place. When I think of the puzzle piece I think of not a cardboard jigsaw puzzle but an old fashioned wooded puzzle. with thicker and more solid pieces. Its like everything is more secure, stronger and now in place.

I came to this land, not knowing what was going to happen, but have been called, and I am so glad did. I have also written about how I felt this land nourishing my soul, it has done that and more. It has filled and nourished the fibers of my soul. I am full of gratitude.

And I am tired. I wondered why, then thought about all the work I have done these last 5 weeks, its like its been a 6 week Outward Bound Canada course,  highs and lows but coming out the other end a much stronger, richer more competent person.

Tomorrow I make my way over to Wexford where I will be staying with a 5W member- Women Welcome Women World Wide- then Saturday I go up to Dublin and my friend and hiking buddy fly’s in Sunday morning, and we are renting a car. So as I wind up this solo , self growth section, I am looking forward to 3 weeks with her and celebrating all I have done, all the growth I have done, all the treasures I have found.

I am full of gratitude for all I have meet on this journey, the gifts they have given me.

Its time for me to start packing , but I think I will have a nap first. Thanks you once again for continuing to come along with me and this adventure, and lets see together what the next stage brings.

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