A Sligo Interlude…..

It was brought to my attention this morning that I did not do a bog post on my stay in Sligo…so better late then never. 🙂
Sligo is one  of unsung beauty. When people ask me where I have been, I will mention Sligo. Those who know it say that it is an unsung Jewell of Ireland, and it really is. It has stunning varied scenery and you are within a 10 minute drive to so many amazing spots.
I hooked up with the lovely Val Robus, and she took me out a couple times and showed me around…it was varied and beyond beautiful. I could not get over the various natural beauty that abounds on her doorstep. I was grinning from ear to ear and must have looked like a kid in a candy store!
This is an ancient landscape and it shows. We visited Carrowmore,which is 600-800 years older then Newgrange. It was amazing,,,
I was taken to a secret Fairy glen,,,it was like walking back in time….almost prehistoric….I was waiting for a dinosaur, to walk along the cliffs, or a jewel encrusted dragonfly, to fly down from the tree tops above, it was magical. And yes, I did leave a coin …

Val also took me to see the wild Atlantic ocean and then Strandhill, I could have stayed there all day and Val treated me to the most amazing ice creme 🙂
She took me to a castle- and I looked out over the lake where the Isle of Innishfree is- the boat was not running that day, it was raining. But because it was raining Val took me to a waterfall, that I cant remember the name of right now- Maybe Val will put in the reply the name of it- she showed me the waterfall known as the Chimney Stack- I think that’s right.
The scenery around Sligo is beyond amazing, and varied and I love the sheep !!! its so close, like I said..a 10 minute car ride away.
While in Sligo I also hired Auriel Robinson, from Seatrails and she took me to Carrowkeel. I had been told by someone back home that I need to see it, and he was right. WOW!!!! I was there for a couple of hours, and it was amazing, magical and spoke deep to my soul in a way I never expected, and Auriel was amazing with the information of the site. being an archaeologist she knows all about this stuff 🙂 If you get a chance, hire her, you will not be disappointed.
I also know I have forgotten some places as I write this blog. You also have to do the Gleniff Horseshoe drive- it is stunning
Then there is the town itself, lots of higstory. lovely walks and shops.
It is really an amazing place, so much so that I am going back again, this time with my traveinging buddy. She flies into Dublin on July 1st, we are renting a car for 3 weeks, and we are gong to Sligo. I have once again Hired Auriel, and we are going back to Carrowkeel, because I dont think I could ever get enough of that place, and I heard the cuckoo bird while there 🙂
If your traveling in Ireland, or even live there, take a trek up to this section of the country, you will not be disappointing.

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