The Felt Sense of Ireland…..

“Felt sence”- Philosopher Eugene Gendlin coined the phrase “felt sense ” as a concept of which ” functions as a connection between the mind and body….the unclear, pre-verbal sense of “something” the inner knowledge or awareness “

Well, it seems like my felt sense had been on overdrive since landing in Ireland.

I am now sitting at my accommodations on Inis Mor (Inishmore ) island. I landed by ferry last night, and this morning I got a ride into the village and rented a bike, and biked back taking the lower, coastal route. Once again it is beyond sensational, beautiful, and seems to be feeding something deep in my soul. As I have said in a previous post…its like some deep ancient dry fiber in my soul and being is finally being watered and nourished There is nothing I can measure this with, no scientific test or measurement etc. But it is something I feel deep, deep within my soul, within my very being.

Everywhere I have been in this land I have felt it one way or another, and if I am quiet and still long enough, pay attention and listen, it speaks to me. The more I do this the more I realize that it speaks on many levels. I am starting to believe that Ireland has many levels to her being. Its hard to explain, but this very fleeting sense is the land speaking to me.

For those of you that know me, you know I am connected to nature in a huge way, it feeds my soul, rejuvenates and clears my mind and has been a huge component in my healing journey. Nature heals on so many levels, often I don’t even realize it till after the fact, as it sifts through my being, and stays with me long after I come indoors.

The same is happening here but on a much deeper, deeper level.

In my healing journey and mental health work I have come across research in “Epigenitics” – and have become interested in the theory that trauma of your ancestors can be passed down via DNA, to the offspring. In other words, trauma from a parent, can be passed onto their children.

There was a study with rats, where the rats were in Rat Hotel, all happy, then the researchers would put the scent of cheery blossoms into the cage, as they did something negative to them. After doing this a few times, whenever the scent of cheery blossoms was put into the cage, the rats would run and gather in a corner and shake, even if there was no negative actions. The rats remembered.

So, these rats then had babies, and no time during the pregnancy or after birth were they exposed to any negative treatment, or the scent of cherry blossom. These baby rats then grow up, move out of Mom and Dads Rat Hotel and move into their own Rat Hotel. They then have babies, and for the 1st time, those now adult rats, and their offspring are exposed to the smell of cherry blossoms, and guess what happens? Yep, they run to the corner and shake, even though they had never in their life been exposed to the negative treatment or the scent of cherry blossoms. Their DNA holds the memory. I find this fascinating and it’s very important for people who are working with folks who have experienced trauma, and their families.

You may wonder why am I telling you this. I’m telling you this because I wonder if this is why I am finding this land of Eire feeding my soul and whispering to me in ways I cant explain. Does, somewhere deep in my DNA remember this land, the language of its varied landscapes and sacred spaces. Am I being nourished by the very lands that nourished my ancestors?

As I write this a thought comes to mind. Is this how the Indigenous population back home feel about the lands? After all, that is the land of their ancestors. If so, I now have a better understanding.

As I look out the window now, I see hundreds of dry stone walls follow the hills and crevices of this island, like the braille of the land. And I guess I’m like the blind, reading the land of my ancestors, not with my eyes, but with my senses. I know I will be changed, more whole and authentic and like when I’m in nature, the benefits will carry with me when I go back home.

Those are my thoughts for today, thanks for joining me on this journey, and come along with me to see where this goes…


8 thoughts on “The Felt Sense of Ireland…..

  1. I just wanted to thank you for your beautiful, powerful posts. I am in tears by the middle of each one, sometimes, tears of joy and sometimes heart-ache, always tears of appreciation and connection. Your insights resonate with me. Thank you for sharing your journey, Suzy!


  2. Suzy, all your posts are so very well written and the photos are lovely. I look forward to each and every one. Thank you for sharing your journey!!!!! Post cards arrived, thanks!!!!! Phyllis


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