Those that travel with me…

I’m sitting here in my room, at the Newgrange Lodge in Ireland. It has been an amazing 2 days and today I got to go see Newgrange and Knowth. I was on the 9:15 tour- I booked tickets on line a couple months ago. There were only 40 of us- I heard in the afternoons it can be hundreds,- it was lovely, and I could have stayed there all day.

I did get to go into the Newgrange chamber, and even though it was for only a few minutes, it was amazing. Looking around and up, and to the top of the cap stone, which weighs 7 tons if I’m not mistaken, in a chamber of a passage tomb,that is 5000 years old, and bone dry was amazing. To touch the stone and be in awe of this very sacred place- well to me anyway. What a gift.

The tour then went to Knowth, and it was special and spectacular also. I walked around, on my own, talking to no one, being mindful of where I was stepping, touching the carvings and once again in awe of such a sacred place. The view on top of the mound was beyond spectacular. I found it moving. As my son wrote “how could you not feel the impact in walking in a place that was built before, well guess before pretty much anything we deal with today” and he is right. This place was important to so many peoples.

Yes, I seem to be touching stone a lot on this trip, its like it speaks to me.

After the tour I mindfully walked back, and back again over the Boyne River, listened to the bird song, the river singing, noticed the scents wafting through the air, – there is one that I have come across a few times, it smells like sweetgrass, but a bit sweeter.

This place speaks to my soul in ways I can not explain. Its like a parched plant whose fibers are finally able to pull up life saving water, and nutrients.

Its like every fiber of my being is being rejuvenated, or maybe its that they are finally being welcomed home. With this comes a lightness and dare I say it, a strength of my ancestors, as they help guide me on this journey.

I may be in a spot where I can now feel my ancestors on this journey, but I have had many, many, other people who have helped me get to this point during my many other past journeys. They have all added to the richness of my life, and I believe that I am now able to feel the richness of this journey because of it.

I want to write more, but just cant find the words, I guess I am processing.

Tomorrow I am on the move again , but will write more about that later. For now I need to process and feel what was brought tome today.

Thanks for following, and coming along with me.

7 thoughts on “Those that travel with me…

  1. I stood right there a few years ago! The spirit of such an ancient and yes, sacred place is strong. Lovely photo Suzy, you look fabulous – happy and rested 🙂

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  2. I know when I’m in England that I always feel so alive! I think it must be similar to how you feel in Ireland. I never thought about the ancestral connection before. I just say it’s the home of my soul. I’m glad you understand.


  3. It all sounds great. I have been there by boat and train, flown and we took a car there once and we flew our bikes there. Enjoy the craic.


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