Links to awards and Women Welcome Women World Wide

Going through the blog I realize I never posted the video about the award I received in Vancouver 36 hours before flying to Ireland and the web site for Women Welcome Women World Wide- an amazing organization for women who travel solo , or sometimes with a partner. I was fortunate to stay with three members while in Ireland, and they treated me like family and royalty, they were wonderful and some are now my friends.


2 thoughts on “Links to awards and Women Welcome Women World Wide

  1. Suzy, I just watched your award video, I cried my way through it…paused and backed up as I wiped away tears. I didn’t want to miss a second, it is so very moving Suzy. Unlike you I always cried easily but not so much now, it felt good. You shared such a difficult journey with grace, dignity and remarkable courage. Thank you for sharing this video and your blog writing, you are changing the world! You are brave my friend and I am so proud of you!


  2. Thanks so much Deb, feel free to share as we ever now who it may help 🙂 And if you want you can post your comment on the Youtube link…I’m working at promoting myself and getting the word out thee for speaking engagements etc 🙂 ❤ Thanks again 🙂


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